At the threshold of pomp and circumstance

( CNN) Commencement address season has, well, commenced. Every spring, on every college campus across the nation, wisdom is blooming. And the cream of these graduation speeches rises to the internet for us all to glean and enjoy.

Mixed metaphors are a common component of these pithy final college lecturings. “Wisdom is like frequent-flier miles and scar tissue, ” author Barbara Kingsolver told the 2008 graduating class at Duke University, “If it does amass, that happens by collision while you’re trying to do something else.”

These speeches also contain inspiration, warns, hope, calls to action, apologies for being an unworthy and/ or boring speaker, inside jokes about the school or college life in general, “didactic little parable-ish tales, ” as writer David Foster Wallace set it to the Kenyon College class of 2 005, and insightful quotes by others — which attain these speeches Russian nesting dolls of profundity.

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